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Lu Ray Studio

I love slow Saturday morning stretches

I love slow Saturday morning stretches

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2.5''x3.5'' original artwork on watercolor paper

The Line Women series is a collection of small artworks. Each piece is unique and tells a different story. Some celebrate the beauty of the female form while other highlight pains of being in a female body. Scratch marks represent scratching the surface of potential in a world that often pays women less, considers them less, and gives them less rights. Dots and marks of gold and silver highlight regal, rich, and exclusive qualities women have. We are royal, we are creators, and we deserve to be valued as more than objects. White lines attempt to censor parts of our bodies, however they still exist. Both wanting to be seen and covered. This represents the juxtaposition of women being sexualized and criminalized in modern American politics.

The size of the series is intentional. It makes the costs more affordable for my ideal clients and collectors of this series and also symbolizes power and impact in a small container. I admire the short, small women who never let their size become a limitation for the space they take up, the value of her opinions, or the strength of her emotions.


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