Kiln Share

Do you make pottery and need a place to fire your pieces? I had that problem too, so now that I have a kiln I like to share it with those who do not. Everyone should be able to create what they want, without gatekeeping of essential machines and tools.

I offer affordable low-mid temperature firing services for folks in the St. Louis area. 

How does it work? Contact me using the form on my website and we can arrange a time for you to drop off your pieces. Depending on the size and quantity it may take a week for them to be ready for pickup. Please place them in a box and use something soft to protect them in their fragile state.

How much is it? I charge $10 for a full kiln of greenware to turn them bisque. I charge $5/ piece or $30 for a full kiln of glazed wares. Venmo, Cash App, Paypal, or Cash.

What clay and glaze should I use? I only fire earthenware and stoneware clay. And glazes that are cone 4 and below. My kiln does best with 2100 degrees max. If you aren't sure, send me a picture. I am happy to educate you and share my mistakes that led me to learn more.