Payment Options & FAQ's

Hi there!

I'm glad you are interested in my artwork. Your support allows me to live my dream.

$$$   In order to make my artwork accessible to all people I offer payment plans. If you are in love with a piece, but cannot afford it right now you can contact me to make a deposit. I will list it as sold to hold it for you. We can work out a payment plan that is comfortable for you and when the piece is payed in full it will be shipped right to you. This way you can still collect original artwork without breaking your bank. Woo hoo!

Q: How do you set your prices?
A: I use rates based off market prices of other artist who create similar works. I factor in the cost of materials, my time, skill level, and size of the work. 

Q: Do you do murals or custom mosaics for houses?
A: Yes! This is one of my favorite things to do. Use the 'contact me' form and tell me about your dream project. 

Q: Why would I buy original art? I could get something cheaper at IKEA! Or make it myself!
A: Original artwork has a high value because it is one-of-a-kind and made by hand. No one else will ever own the unique piece unless you decide to sell it. It is an investment in and artwork always increases in value over time. 
I also offer more affordable artwork in the form of prints. They are limited editions, so you would be one person out of 100 that will ever own a copy. 
Last, but not least, do it! Make it! If you don't know how I offer classes to learn how to make art using the techniques I have honed for years. When you engage in the artistic process you will understand and realize why I have the prices I have and probably appreciate the work that goes in to being an artist. It is fun and also challenging, frustrating, and scary at times. 

Q: Why do commissions cost more?
A: They take more time to make since it is a collaboration between myself and my client. The subject matter may be different and take time for me to practice in order to get it to a high standard that I feel good about. When I create original art I make it for my own joy. While I do love commissions and they are usually fun, they have unique challenges that make them take more time, effort, and skill. It is a one of a kind piece and will be valuable for a life time. I think that's worth it!

Q: I love your work and really want a specific piece, but I can't afford your prices. Do you do any sliding scale work?
A: You can always contact me, explain your vision, budget, and tell me more about you. My ultimate purpose is to spread joy through art, teaching, and connecting with people. So short answer, yes, I do sliding scales based on need, story, and project.