Hello there,

I am Lu Ray Waldemer, an interdisciplinary artist, teacher, and life lover.

I combine mediums to create one-of-a-kind manifestations. My process is a spiritual practice because I tap in to pure positive energy first and then physically allow clay, natural materials, paint, and mark making tools to make shapes, forms, and dimension. I use so many mediums because I believe all is connected. I am inspired by nature, people, contrast, rhythm, colors, and texture.

My artwork began as a joyful hobby when I was a kid. In adolescence my art practices morphed into self-taught therapy. Creating helped me process and identify feelings when all I felt was bad. Art helped me work through trauma, stress, and conflict. These contrasting experiences brought me clarity and inspired me to feel better. A huge part of feeling better in living in alignment. I am proud of being a self-taught artist and grateful for my non-traditional journey. I feel grateful I get to connect with so many amazing people of the world. People like you.



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